AYC 2012 Recap

This last weekend I was blessed to participate as a chaperone for a group of youth from my parish at the Archdiocesan Youth Conference.  It was a great opportunity for youth to hear from wonderful speakers calling them out to live their faith, to find the one thing that separates them from God and overcome it, to embrace the cross so to gain glory.  I was also moved to a greater participation in Youth Ministry when Cardinal DiNardo spoke to us during the closing mass homily, when he met pope John Paul II as a new bishop, the first thing John Paul asked him was: “what are you doing for the youth?”  I take away many memories and words of exhortations with me.  If you ever have the chance to become involved with youth, I implore you to try it, for I imagine that our Lord will also one day call us to account: what did you do you do for the youth?


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